About Us

Making Sterilization Easy & Unavoidable

SpaySecure’s mission is to make it both affordable and easy for breeders to use sterilization contracts, minimizing the possibility of backyard breeders, increasing puppy health, and protecting breeder genetic property. We believe that breeders should have the freedom to protect their puppy's health without having to worry about tracking down customers and making sure they've complied with sterilization contracts. We're backed by a passionate team and advised by dog breeders and expert attorneys.

Our team lead is Julian Aveling. Julian is the cofounder and CEO of SpaySecure. He has a background in legal and economic research, medical transcription, publication editing, and early-life puppy training. Julian grew up around hundreds of Labradoodles — his mother is Tiffany at Cherry Valley Labradoodles — and has valued drawing on his experience to formulate a breeder-friendly business model.

Curtis Harris at Beau Monde Labradoodles has been breeding Australian Labradoodles for nearly two decades, and provided the impetus and support for this project (though Curtis sits on our advisor board now, separate from company operations). Curtis drew from his experience transitioning from early-spay/neuter to sterilization contracts in order to develop the Spay for Sure concept: medical evidence is turning against early spay and neuter, but enforcing your own contracts as a breeder is almost impossible and has the potential to destroy pleasant relationships with your customers.

SpaySecure takes all of this off your plate. We provide the contractual expertise, reminders, follow-up, logistics, and enforcement; along with maintaining a confidential database of noncompliant customers accessible for our members. We'll evolve and grow with the needs of our customers, always being available and accessible to solve your problems at a price right for you.