Frequently Asked Questions

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First, get in touch with us by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ page and telling us a bit about you so we can personalize your SpaySecure experience to best suit your needs. We’ll be in touch soon!

Yes! Our contracts are legal everywhere in the US. We enforce on your behalf for our comprehensive Spay for Sure service, so you don’t have to travel for a court date or worry about finding and paying legal counsel. Our contracts were written by our top-rated national business & contract law firm and vetted by subject expert attorneys and experienced dog breeders to ensure they meet your needs.

We allow for extensions of the deadline for sterilization in extenuating circumstances. If a vet provides us with a signed statement certifying that it's medically dangerous for the puppy to be sterilized, we'll provide an extension.

In the unfortunate event a puppy dies, we release buyer clients from their obligation upon receipt of a veterinarian signed death certificate or confirmation from you, the breeder.

A puppy changing owners does not release the original buyer from their contractual obligation to ensure that the puppy is sterilized.

Our base price is currently $59.99 per puppy for Spay for Sure service. We have no sign-on fees and are fully pay-as-you-go. Please contact us for more details.

Your information is used only for providing SpaySecure services to you, including the SpaySecure Noncompliance Database. As part of our onboarding process, we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to cover any and all proprietary information. SpaySecure protects all data through strong encryption and limiting access on a need-to-know basis to only our trained staff members. No other breeder, not even those on our advisory board, has access to any information on your clients or sales practices with the single exception of viewing warnings of potential problem buyers through the Database.

We've always envisioned offering comprehensive coverage for all of North America and Europe, and are working to meet this goal. Due to overwhelming interest from Canada, we are expediting coverage rollout. If you’re outside of the United States, please contact us and we’ll notify you as soon as we can bring you on board.

We’re a small, breeder-advised team based out of Southern California with decades of collective experience working with family companion dog breeders. Please visit our About Us page. to learn about our mission to counter unethical breeders, safeguard puppy health, and protect breeder genetic property.