Frequently Asked Questions

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Your contractual obligations are to take the puppy to your vet before the sterilization deadline, have it sterilized, and provide proof to us via documents signed by your vet.

We strongly advise you to complete your contractual obligations and we're here to help you every step of the way. Substantial penalties exist for breach of contract. See your individual sterilization agreement for details.

We allow for extensions of the deadline for sterilization in extenuating circumstances. If a vet provides us with a signed statement certifying that it's medically dangerous for the puppy to be sterilized due to temporary illness, we'll provide an extension.

We ask that you do everything reasonable to prevent this from happening. In the event an accident occurs, the standard sterilization procedures for female dogs (canine ovariectomy, canine ovariohysterectomy, and surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus) will terminate a pregnancy in addition to sterilizing the dog.

Send us your proof as soon as you can. If you have not yet sterilized your dog, schedule a vet appointment as soon as possible and then email us, providing proof that you have scheduled an appointment. This will apply a charge and provide a temporary extension to your deadline, allowing you to send us proof of sterilization.

Send all proof documentation and extension requests directly to SpaySecure either via the 'Upload your Proof' tab or by contacting