Welcome to Spay For Sure

Congratulations on your new puppy and welcome to SpaySecure's Spay For Sure program! Our program allows breeders to confidently send puppies home on sterilization contracts, safeguarding the puppies from the adverse health risks of early sterilization while protecting your breeder's intellectual property. ● We’re a contracted company hired by your breeder. ● You’ll agree in a contract to take the dog to your vet to have it surgically sterilized and provide proof to us before a sterilization deadline. ●We’ll be in touch through email and this website, where you can find additional information. We want to make completing this contract painless for you. ● If you have questions, your breeder is a great resource and you can always contact us at on the contact page. Your breeder will sign you up for SpaySecure through an email link.

How it Works

1) Your breeder registers you for Spay For Sure via your email and you get a contract via email. 2) You sign the contract, and take your puppy home. 3) We send you reminders of your puppy's sterilization deadline. You schedule an appointment with your local veterinarian for a canine sterilization surgery. 4) When the time comes, you take your puppy to the vet, have them fill out the proof confirmation form, and send it to SpaySecure. Please send all proof documentation directly to SpaySecure. 5) You and your healthy, happy puppy are set for the future!